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When it comes to retaining walls, there is typically more that goes into it than what you see. A lot of pressure goes behind any sort of retaining wall. Take for example a 4′ wall. Whatever materials you wind up using need to be able to hold back that 4′ and more. So it is important to use the best materials for the job. When you work with Long Island Elite Landscaping, our contractors will work with you to make the installation of retaining walls as affordable as possible. The final cost of the wall will be in your budget.

Our contractors have years of experience installing retaining walls for homes across Long Island, New York. So you can trust our expertise on the matter. And when we say affordable, we do not mean cheaply or poorly built. Only the best materials will be used. And the work we do building it speaks for itself. Other popular types of hardscaping projects we complete are for patios, walkways and driveways. All projects that might need the installation of affordable retaining walls.

Different Types of Retaining Walls

For residential properties on Long Island, there are two basic types of retaining walls. A “gravity wall” and a “cantelever wall.” Let’s go into what makes each of these retaining walls unique and, in their own way, affordable.

Gravity Retaining Walls

Affordable Installations of Retaining WallsA gravity wall uses mass to counteract the force of what is being retained. A simple way of looking at it would be to see the retaining wall as something heavier than the force being applied to it. This way it has enough weight to stop any movement. There are some different versions of a gravity wall. Modular block retaining wall systems, dry stone walls, and pressure treated tie walls are all variations.

Dry Stone Wall

A dry-stone wall uses the mass of the stone.

Pressure Treated Tie Walls

These walls use cribbing or deadmen to tie some of the backfill of the wall to the wall in order to add mass to the wall as a whole. It is not to anchor the ties, which is a common misconception.

Modular Block Walls

Modular blocks have a certain amount of mass to them by simply being heavy. The design of these modular walls allows for easy filling of gravel, so they can stand up to more pressure. When that is not enough, many turn to a material called “geogrid.” This material is used to tie the mass of some of the backfill to the blocks, which stabilizes it.

Cantelevered Retaining Walls

Then we come to the cantelevered wall, which works like a chair. What I mean by that is if you walk up to an empty chair, you can push it over backward fairly easily. However, put some weight in that chair and it will not roll over as easily.

A cantelevered wall is often made up of poured concrete or cinder blocks which tie to a poured concrete footing with steel rebar. So the end result is seeing the face of the face. But what we do not see is the wide footing that extends from a few inches in front of the wall to oftentimes several feet behind the wall. This footing forms an “L” and the backfill sits on the bottom of this “L” like a person in a chair. This keeps the vertical part of the “L” from toppling over.

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Long Island Elite Landscaping has years of experience as trusted contractors. Due to our experience, we can help you get retaining walls that are not only of the highest quality, but are affordable as well. Ultimately, the cost of the wall is mostly up to you and what you want done.

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