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It is Retaining Wall season....what does that mean?

Entry: May 1, 2015

Why Retaining Walls? 

Have you ever looked around your property to see if you have retaining walls? If you have, what’s their purpose? Have you checked your neighbor’s property, looking for retaining walls and what, if any, effect these walls may have on your property? As you drive to work in the morning, have you noticed any retaining walls? What’s their purpose?

When you study these walls, maybe for the first time, do you see flaws, distress or signs of movement (such as leaning or cracking)? Should you be concerned?

Let’s start with your home. Does your home have a basement? Those walls “retain” the earth surrounding it. Is your driveway higher or lower than the surrounding grade? Are there walls supporting the driveway? Do you have landscaped areas that are stepped or terraced? What separates the different levels?

A retaining wall is a man-made structure, designed and constructed to interrupt a naturally sloping earth surface and to restrain the pressures created by the changes in elevation. Retaining walls are used to create a level surface such as a roadway designed to pass through a steep side slope. Retaining walls are also constructed to hold back earth when a building wall is constructed to install a basement. Small retaining walls are used for terracing earth grading to create landscape areas around residential and commercial buildings and properties.

We at Long Island Elite, can create a retaining wall to fit your needs. We will travel to you, discuss the problem and present a variety of different solutions to work from. It is important to know that you are in good hands - we at Long Island Elite take pride in our customers and help YOU anyway we can! 

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