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Long Island Elite Landscaping offers beautiful designs for coastal planting and water gardens that will look great in anyone’s backyard! In general, coastal gardens are known for their silvery foliage, grassy greens and bright flowers. The plants we like to use are full of color, texture and movement. They will bring a sense of wilderness to any pool or pond setting!

So you don’t need those sea views to enjoy those types of plants. You can get a coastal garden wherever you live! With our coastal planting services on Long Island, we will bring that look to your own outdoor space. Most coastal plants will thrive in any garden with a well-drained soil and some sun. These are tough plants that are used to battling strong winds and salty air and usually reside in poor soil or on steep banks. So your backyard will be a lap of luxury for these plants.

Popular Coastal Planting on Long Island

Coastal Planting on Long IslandAs we all know, Long Island is, well, an island. So there is a lot of coast and water to deal with. However, that does not mean you can’t use this land to effectively plant and make beautiful. But since the conditions on a coast are different than those inland, there are different types of plants to use that deal with these circumstances. When planting along a coastline, those areas receive exposure to strong winds, salty sea spray, and dry, sandy soils, which makes the coast a harsh environment for plants.

Coastal Planting Estimate

However, there are plants that can deal with these conditions. Check out what to grow in your coastal garden. And as always, our team of experienced landscapers are there to help when you figure out the sort of coastal planting project you want!

How To Nurture Your Coastal Garden

When it comes to your coastal garden and planting, it is important to take care of it. It need more attention than a garden more inland due to the difficult conditions. Sandy soil is prone to drying out quickly, while also not having the best nutrients. And the high levels of salt in the earth increase the moisture loss. So it is important to include a lot of organic matter, like well-rotted manure, compost and recycled green waste into the soil before planting. This should improve the growing conditions. We can also add flint, gravel or shingles to help conserve moisture at the roots. And to avoid soil from potentially blowing away in the wind, we like to plant some dense, ground covering plants that grow well in poor soils. This will keep the garden intact. Once the coastal planting is complete, get some seaweed to feed your plants. It acts as a perfect natural fertilizer and can be dug right into the soil once you wash the salt off it.

Affordable Coastal Planting

Long Island Elite Landscaping has years of experience as trusted landscapers on Long Island, New York. Our beautiful coastal planting services will turn any yard into something special. We sport an award-winning team of landscapers. So when you turn to us, you will be getting the best! For more information about our various landscaping services, please reach out to us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about our potential services. The number for our office is 631-821-6022. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation to go over the upcoming project.

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