How To Install a Patio

As professionals in this field, we know how to install a patio. We know the proper steps in order to install a new patio for your backyard. Some aspects of installing a patio vary from location to location. Our expert contractors know the tricks of the trade in order to professionally install the patio without any hiccups.

In most instances, patios are installed on grass in backyards. The first step of any patio installation on grass is to dig away the grass. Depending on the size of the area to dig, we might need more heavy-duty tools in order to do it. However, in many cases simply digging by hand with a shovel will suffice. In general, we will dig a depth between 3 and 5 inches depending on the level you want to finish the patio.

Installing Hardcore & Drainage

After the digging, that is when we lay down the hardcore and drainage. This will depend on existing drains in the area and the fall of the level we put on the patio. For drainage purposes, it is very important to make sure that the patio falls slightly towards either drainage channels, gulley drains, or lawn areas with good soaking abilities. If there is no drain we can connect to, then we will create a soakaway. A soakaway is a term for a deep hole lined with membrane. We fill soakaways with drainage pebbles to help soak all of the wayer that runs off of the patios.

Once this is complete, it is common to use a plate compactor to make sure that sure that every part of the patio area is compact. We make sure to pay special attention to the edges, because it is crucial to have the levels correct in order to lay down the slabs correctly.

Laying the Patio Down

Once it is time to lay down the patio, the first step is to mix the wet sand and the cement mix together. We commonly use an electric cement mixer to get the job done. If you want a brick border around the patio, that laying needs to be done before we do the slabs in order to keep the lines square with the house.

Then, depending on the types of slabs we are laying down, we may need to do some cutting in order to fit the slabs in the spot. Precise measuring needs to be done, which our team can ably handle.

Once this is complete, it is time to lay down the slabs. We spread the wet sand and cement in the area where the slabs will go. A thickness of 20-30mm will ensure that it is an even spread. Then we will lay down the slabs, pressing down evenly. Then hit them down with a rubber hammer to make sure they are completely level. Once all of the full slabs are laying, it is time for cutting. When cutting, we will mark the slab using a marker and then cut it into the desired shape. After this, all of the slabs will be ready to point and fit in the spot they should go. It is important to only step in the center of the slabs if you absolutely need to walk on them before they are finished drying. Otherwise you will unsettle the slabs.

Our expert team of contractors can design a backyard patio that will impress anyone who utilizes it. We will cut and lay the slabs into a design that fits your backyard.

Pointing Natural Stone

Pointing is the process of angling slabs in the proper direction. For the pointing, we either put cement in the joints one by one using a trowel or we can brush it in wet and hose off any excess. It ultimately comes down to preference and understanding the job at hand.

If we opt for the first method, we are putting wet mortar into each joint and then we smooth over with a sponge.

For the wet brush method, we mix in an extra wet mortar mix. Before we begin spreading, we need to wet all of the slabs. Then we will spread mortar everywhere, ensuring it gets into all of the joints. Then we allow it to go half dry in the joints, while keeping the top of the slabs wet. We do so by sprinkling some water on them every once in a while. When the joints become semi-dry, then we will hose off all of the excess using a hose and then soft sweeping with a brush.

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