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Long Island Elite Landscaping specializes in aquascaping services, which includes pond building and landscaping. When it comes to the construction of a pond, the biggest decision you need to make is what sort of liner you want. Of course, this will impact the price of the pond building project, but there are also other factors besides money that you should consider.

For the most part, there are three options for a pond liner when building in your yard:

  • Flexible Liners
  • Preformed Liners
  • Poured Concrete

Each of these options comes with their own pros and cons when it comes to building a pond. If you are interested in adding a pond to your yard, then do not hesitate to reach out to Long Island Elite Landscaping. We will help to make the tough choices and choose the right liner for your pond and budget.

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When you reach out to Long Island Elite Landscaping, we can provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for your pond landscaping project to help you get it started.

Pond Building Liners

beautiful pond in backyardAs mentioned, there are three basic pond liner options available: flexible liners, preformed liners and poured concrete. Before building a pond, we ask you to carefully compare these options and determine which method best suits your yard and pond design. As always, the team at Long Island Elite Landscaping is here to help every step of the way.

Flexible Pond Liner

A flexible liner is one that we can cut to any size or shape. This makes them a perfect material for water gardens and ponds. Natural water gardens have irregular shorelines, differing widths, and different depths. So, a seamless piece of flexible liner can easily be laid across the entire floor of the pond and perfectly conform to the shape of the land. Which makes building the pond around it a cinch!

Flexible liners are the most affordable and popular method for pond building and construction. Our expert staff will install this liner carefully. Avoiding tearing any holes in the liner that will ruin the project.

Preformed Liners

A preformed liner is a rigid piece of fiberglass or a plastic shell that we can use for the construction of a sunken or raised pond building project. A preformed liner makes pond building easier than a flexible liner since they are simply easier to install. And you do not have to worry about this type of liner tearing during the installation and building process.

However, preformed liners are more limited when it comes to size and design. The area needs to fit the preformed liner. The liner cannot be placed to fit into the natural spot. Common shapes for preformed liners include rectangular, circular, kidney, as well as natural designs. A preformed liner makes it easier to plant plants in your pond, since we can install planting shelves.

Poured Concrete Pond Liners

Poured concrete is the most formal and modern of pond liners, since you can use it to create straight and well-defined edges. On top of that ability, the concrete can be colored with a pigment that makes the water in the pond appear darker or lighter depending on what you desire.

When it comes to the construction of a concrete pond, a high level of expertise is required. The concrete for the pond liner must be mixed and poured in a precise manner to make sure that no cracks develop. And when it is done, the concrete pond must be properly sealed in order to keep lime from entering the water and harming the fish that will soon be swimming in your pond.

Pond Building Placement

When building a new pond, the placement of it is one of the most important considerations. Where you place it will impact your overall enjoyment, as well as how much maintenance you need to do.

When a pond gets placed in a bad location, it has more of a likelihood of being neglected and becoming an eyesore on the property. So it is important to spend time outside considering the best place of where to build the new pond. When you turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping, we can help you determine the optimal placement for the pond before building it.

The number one consideration about the placement is the visual appearance. We ask you to think about the views of the potential pond from your yard, window or patio. This visualization can help you come to the right conclusion on where to build the pond. And when you pick the right location, the maintenance for the pond becomes easier to handle.

Where to Avoid Building a Pond

  • Overhead trees: When you build a pond under a tree, it can be a headache because of constant leaf litter and debris that winds up in the pond.
  • Low-lying area: When a pond is installed in a low-lying area, the pond will be subject to flooding and pollution every time it rains.

What To Consider With Your Pond Landscaping

  • If you are considering aquatic plants or have fish in the pond, you must consider sunlight. Water plants need about five hours of sunlight each day to thrive. So choosing a spot with adequate sunlight is important.
  • Have you pond be in a spot that offers easy access to electricity and water supplies. So when maintenance is required you are not hoofing around your yard to get to what you need.
  • Check out the views from your yard and patio and from inside your home. Visualize the pond and think if you like where it is going to go. You can even test the reflection by using a mirror where you want to place the pond.
  • If you want a waterfall, then consider placing the pond on a slope to make that installation simpler. We provide waterfall landscaping to enhance your pond area.

If you are considering having a pond in your backyard or on your property, get in touch with Long Island Elite Landscaping. We have years of experience and can help you with every aspect of building the pond. We are located in Rocky Point, New York and specialize in landscaping services.