Patio Paving: Types of Installations

Here are some of the common types of patio installations available. It all depends on the style of the home and your budget, but we can work with you to design something elegant and beautiful. Let's take a look at some of the more common design options for a patio.

Concrete Slabs

backyard patioProbably the most common type of patio, the use of concrete paving slabs are a perfect option for your backyard. Especially if it is alongside some gardens and plants. A big reason why many people opt for concrete slabs is the ability to choose different colors. Common colors include grey, gold, charcoal, and rustic. Giving homeowners the option to choose a color that best fits the aesthetic of the home. And the installation of concrete slabs is affordable, because the process is simple. We lay the slabs on sand for paving and they are jointed with silica sand.

Natural Stone Patio Paving

This is a slightly more expensive patio option, but due to our expertise in the laying process we make it more affordable than our competitors. This option allows for little to no weeds with little to no maintenance. How this works is we lay down the natural stone with wet sand and cement and joint it with wet mortar. This prevents weeds from growing through the joints. With natural stone, you are guaranteed a durable, low maintenance patio.

Limestone Patios

Limestone is commonly available in yellow, grey, and black. It is a low maintenance patio option that is long-lasting. A beautiful addition to any home.

Brick & Cobblestone Paving Projects

Brick paving projects are similar to concrete paving patios, but available in smaller sizes. So the cost and installation is similar to that option. And due to the variety of shapes and sizes, there are many different patterns and designs a homeowner can look into. Making the patio installation more unique and personal.

Granite Patio Paving

A granite patio is commonly available in black, yell and silver. Choosing granite is a very popular choice for natural stone since it offers great durability. When you clean it, it cleans up like new every time. Preserving it for years to come.


Get sandstone paving in a variety of colors, such as mint and grey. Get the right color to match your home and yard's aesthetic. Sandstone is a popular option due to its attractive, earthy tones.


When you choose quartz as the material for the patio installation, you are going up in budget compared to the previous options. However, it will add a touch of elegance to your yard that the others may be missing. It is a very sophisticated patio paving option that is also very durable. You get what you pay for and what you get is great.

Porcelain Paving

Like quartz, porcelain is on the high-end of the price scale for patio paving options. It looks beautiful in any yard and offers nearly unparalleled strength and durability that will stand the test of time. Common colors for a porcelain patio include black, ivory, beige, coffee, silver and white.

Long Island Patio Installation Team

At Long Island Elite Landscaping, we have years of experience handling the installation of patios for homes across Long Island. As experts in hardscaping, we know there are different types of patios we can install. We will work with you to choose a design and patio that matches the aesthetic of your home. There are many different types of patios and designs available to homeowners. If you are interested in the installation of a patio for your home, but do not know where to start this guide can help set you on your way. And once you have an idea, you can reach out to our hardscaping team for an estimate.

Patio Installation Estimate

Through our years of experience, we make the installation of a patio as affordable as possible. Other types of hardscaping projects we complete are driveways, walkways and stairs. Get the best hardscaping services in Suffolk County when you turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping.