Aquascaping: Ponds, Streams, Fountains, Waterfalls

Long Island Aquascaping Contractors

Aquascaping is the craft of organizing aquatic plants, rocks, stones, driftwood and more to make the pool area more aesthetically pleasing. Aquascaping also includes the creation of ponds, streams, fountains, and waterfalls to the pool area. In a way, you can call aquascaping "underwater gardening." And it takes time and skill to perfect this craft. Luckily for you, the contractors at Long Island Elite Landscaping have the skill to create something beautiful for your backyard.

At Long Island Elite Landscaping, we offer professional aquascaping services for homeowners throughout Suffolk County, New York. Improve the value of your home when you introduce these beautiful elements into your backyard and pool area. We can create an environment that will help you relax every time you head into your backyard and want to take a dip in the pool.

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Types of Aquascaping Aspects Available

When you opt for our services, there are some aspects you can choose to include. Let's go over some of the more popular elements you can choose to improve the look of your backyard.

Fountain Landscaping

aquascaping around pool Have you ever dreamed about having a beautiful fountain pouring into your pool? Well, with our fountain landscaping designs, you can! A fountain in your backyard is a great way to add to the beauty and elegance of your backyard. While also creating an environment that is more relaxing, since this fountain can drown out any unwanted noise in the backyard. And once you have the fountain in place, we can also add some plants to further improve the look and beauty of pool area. We know how much Long Islanders love their pools, and with our fountain landscaping you can enjoy the pool even more!

Pond Landscaping

Adding a pond to your backyard is a great way to improve the aesthetic quality of your home. You can do a lot with a pond in your yard. Not only does it add a relaxing element to the yard, you can also use it for a living space for fish. A pond is always an elegant addition to any yard.

Waterfall Landscaping

Adding a waterfall in your backyard might be a dream, but with Long Island Elite Landscaping that dream can become a reality! We can install a beautiful look waterfall, which adds a nice accent to the yard and pool area in general. This waterfall can elegantly drop into your pool or be placed somewhere else in the yard. Where ever you want this waterfall installed, our the team of contractors at Long Island Elite Landscaping can perform all aquascaping duties.

Water Garden Design

When it comes to designing a garden around your pool area, our award-winning designers will create something special and unique. We always aim for a naturalistic look with the objects we place down and expertly handle the plants that you want to add to the area. And whether you want this water garden design incorporated with with a fountain, a waterfall, or a pond our designers will create something that you love.