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Long Island Team for Beautiful Water Garden Design

The right water garden design adds a lot to any home's backyard or pool area. And with our professional landscaping design team, the water garden we install will be a beautiful addition to your home's yard. When we install this water garden, it will transform your property into a much more elegant and naturalistic space. Among the many great benefits of adding a water garden, you will soon come to realize that you will spend more time outside by the waterscape due to its relaxing feelings.

Water Garden Design Estimate

No matter how old or young you are, people love water gardens. Their natural sights and sounds offer a soothing experience for anyone. Our team can design the water garden to your specifications. And build it in the mold of your yard. But overall, the aim is to create a natural vibe. As if nature has come to your backyard. Of course, we will discuss the actual design of the water garden before proceeding, but we can also offer our expertise on the matter to ensure the end result is up to your dreams. We are not doing our job correctly if we are not following some sort of blueprint laid down by our clients.

Want A Naturalistic Look?

Elegantly designed water gardenFor many, they want the shape of the pond to be organic and irregular. Again, this is nature where irregularity is common. And the use of real rocks and boulders should surround the water, as well as the placement of some aquatic plants. Sound is also an important part of a water garden. We will work with you to decide on an option, but some of the more common features includes hidden circulation pumps, waterfalls, or flowing streams. All three of these options create water movement, which results in a melodic and relaxing sound.

Water gardens are great because they look great in any setting. Since they have a natural appearance, they fit well into informal gardens. An informal garden usually has curved lines, meandering paths, and casual planting beds. So, the addition of some sort of water garden fits right in. But it doesn't have to be an unnatural setting to add a water garden design to your property, since many across Long Island utilize the natural setting. Meadows, fields, or woods can also be home to this landscaping feature.

Inspiration for Water Garden Design

For the most part, we gain our inspiration while designing water gardens simply from the natural world. We have years of experience designing and building ponds, waterfalls, and whole water gardens for people across Long Island. The key is to keep in mind the irregularities of nature. We do not try to be too formal, which is why our water gardens have that natural feel.

Our Water Garden Design Tips

Now, we don't want to give away our secrets. But we can offer some tips to help you decide on how you'd like your new backyard feature to come out. This way you have some sort of expectations while heading into the project. Here are some quick tips to think about if you are looking to add some sort of water garden into your backyard.

  • Lining the shoreline with rocks is a must, but it is important not to go overboard. Only line 50% of the shoreline of the pond with rocks. Sand, gravel, mulch, plants or driftwood should be used for the remaining portion.
  • Place rocks at irregular intervals and avoid patterns. Remember, naturalistic!
  • Vary the width and depth of the water garden. Again, this gives the pond a more natural look.

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Located in Rocky Point, New York, Long Island Elite Landscaping offers professional water garden design for people across Suffolk County. However, we do more than just water gardens of course. Learn more about pool enhancements and how we can improve your whole pool area with our services. We also offer an array of other aquascaping services in general, such as waterfall and pond landscaping. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more about our various services.