Professional Pool Enhancements on Long Island

Make Your Pool Area More Beautiful With These Enhancements!

Professional pool enhancements will add a lot to your pool area. We understand that sometimes it may seem pricey to upgrade your pool area. However, when you turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping, we will work with you to make sure the pool enhancements fit your budget while still looking great. We do not skimp on the aesthetics and our professional designs and landscaping will turn your pool area into something special and unique. Summer only comes once a year on Long Island, so adding enhancements to your pool means you want to get the most bang for your buck.

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For more information about our landscaping services, please reach out to us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about this process. When you reach out, we can discuss what you need and what you want the area to look. And once we have an understanding of the job, we can provide you with a fair, accurate and affordable estimate. So if you want to add some pool enhancements, get in touch with the best designers in Rocky Point and on Long Island! Many on the north shore turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping for professional installation of pool enhancements. Pool owners in Sound Beach, Miller Place, Shoreham and Wading River look to us when it comes to improving their pool.

Types of Pool Enhancements

When it comes to pool enhancements, there are a few different types of installments we can do. From water features to pool lights, to waterfalls, and spas. You can upgrade both the look and feel of your pool area with some timely enhancements. Our professional team offers many great aquascaping services to improve your pool area. 

Read on to learn more about some of the common types of pool enhancements available for your pool area.

Water Features

Waterfall flowing into poolThe addition of water features is the most common way to upgrade your pool area and create a relaxing environment. When you hear water in your backyard, it tend to engage the senses. It is soothing to watch, calming to touch, and relaxing to hear. It creates a whole new environment for your home. Here are some common water features people install:

  • Sheer Falls and Scuppers: Get the beauty of moving water without the cost of a complete waterfall.
  • Bubblers: A fun addition to any pool! Great for those with young kids!
  • Spillways: This feature offers a beautiful tranquil look and soothing sound to your pool.
  • Step Down Spillways: A unique and eye-catching transition into the pool area.
  • Wall Sprays: Get the fun, calming sound of rain and the focal point of moving water. Another great addition for those with kids!
  • Deck Jets: Deck jets shoot a steady stream of water into your pool to help enhance the look and sound of the water. And it keeps the water moving.

Pool Lights

When you have pool lights, you can keep using your pool even when it gets dark! So you don't have to worry about finishing up before nighttime. Effective pool lights add a whole new level to your pool design in the evening and adds a new ambiance to the backyard. Perfect for when you want to entertain friends and family.


The addition of waterfalls allows for your pool area to feel more natural. Waterfalls can be built with both real or fake rocks or boulders. Up to you! Add a new dimension to your backyard with a waterfall. Our professional pool landscapers will creatively place these rocks and create a beautiful waterfall. Experience the wonderful sights and sounds of a waterfall in your own backyard!


Going to the spa is a relaxing time that we all need every once in a while. But with our elegant pool enhancements, you can bring the spa to your backyard! Make your pool area a relaxing spot to unwind after a long day. The warm water combined with therapeutic jets offers homeowners a simple way to relieve any tensions.

Pool Enhancements Entertainment

Enhance your recreational time in your pool with the addition of some fun entertainment features! There are a few different pool enhancements we can install that add to the entertainment value of your backyard. This includes grottos, water slides, rain curtains, synthetic turf, fire pits, and a wet bar and seating area. Get the most out of your pool with Long Island Elite's professional enhancements and designs!