Pool Entertainment Options

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When you turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping, you will be getting the best in home contracting and landscaping services. Among the many great services you can hire us for is to improve your pool area with much-needed enhancements and features. Enhance your recreational time in your pool by adding some fun features! We have years of experience working on backyards across Long Island. Elevating the look and feel of any yard. Get professional pool enhancements with Long Island Elite Landscaping!

Popular Pool Entertainment Options

pool bar installationThere is a lot you can do to improve your pool area. Here are a few fun and simple enhancements for your pool area.

Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love sitting around a cozy fire? Even during the summer months, it can get cool at night on Long Island. And having a fire pit nearby is a great way to still enjoy the pool area. We can design a fire pit that matches the aesthetic of the pool.

Water Slides

For those with small children, water slides make for a great addition to any pool! You also need the room to make this work, but adding a slide is the perfect way to entertain your kids with the pool. Add a little excitement!

Wet Bar & Seating Area

It gets hot during the summer. So adding a bar near the pool is a great way to entertain guests and provide them with cold, refreshing beverages. And we can even add a seating area in or around the pool, so everyone can comfortably relax while enjoying the pool. Placing the seating in the pool adds a whole new dimension to the area.

Synthetic Turf

Using a synthetic turf around your pool is a nice way to improve the entire landscape of the area. This grass-like materials can cover as much or as little area as need be. And blends nicely with the entire backyard in general. And makes for a comfortable walking space.


A grotto is a wonderful stone feature that sees water cascading over the entrance and typically has seating behind the waterfall. It is a surefire way to improve the entire atmosphere of the pool area.

Rain Curtains

When you add moving water to a pool area, you enhance both the sound and look of the pool. Kids love to play in it. And as adults, you get to hear the peaceful sound of running water. Perfect for homes with noisy neighbors or traffic.

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Long Island Elite Landscaping offers those with pools across Long Island, New York the option to enhance they pool area. You can do this with a wide range of options. And our contractors can help! When you turn to us, you get award-winning designs for all of the landscaping options we provide.

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For more information about our landscaping services, please reach out to us today. We will happily go over all of the pool enhancements available to you. Learn more about the possible enhancements available for your pool area. The number for our office is (631) 821-6022. When you call, we can discuss what you want and go over the possibilities. Once we have a sense of the situation, we can provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for the work. So please, for the best landscaping and aquascaping services on Long Island, turn to LI Elite!