Professional Hydro-seeding Services For Your Yard

Hydro-seeding is a common element for many home and business owners on Long Island. It is most commonly done in the spring, since it perfectly sets up for the summer months and being outdoors. But if you do not want to waste a few weeks getting the lawn ready, then you can hold off until the fall and hydro-seed then. It just can't be too late because it still needs to be able to grow. But both the spring and fall are wet enough and moderately cool enough to create the ideal environment for the seeds to grow.

For the most part, hydro-seeding is used to repair an older lawn or simply install a new lawn. Hydro-seeding is a complicated process that is best left up to the professionals. That is because we want to make sure that the work is completed properly and that your lawn gets the care it needs! When you plan for this process, do so early enough in spring or fall. You want to avoid the growth happening into the harsher seasons of winter and fall.

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What is Hydro-seeding?

Hydro-seeding is an efficient, high quality, and inexpensive method of seeding a lawn. How it works is that it combines a mixture common called "slurry," which is seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments and water. And hydro-seeding combines these elements in a tank, which you can then apply to an area using high pressure. The hydro-seeder keeps the slurry mixed evenly for maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

In many cases, hydro-seeding causes speedy germination and has been known to limit erosion. Best case scenarios see that a new lawn can begin to sprout in about a week! However, when it comes to the germination, it takes about 2-3 weeks for that to complete.

Hydro-seeding is commonly used for aspects such as:

  • make yards more beautiful
  • helps to prevent or stop erosion
  • eliminate or reduce dust pollution
  • the prevention of weed growth
  • the creation of athletic fields and parks

Once we lay down the hydro-seed, we recommend staying off of the lawn or grass until it sprouts and grows, otherwise you risk damaging the seeds and negating the whole project. These small preventative measures are worth it for a great looking yard!

General Cost of Hydro-seeding

Prices for a hydro-seeding project fluctuates from area to area and there are different factors in play. The price of the service typically includes lawn and soil preparation, materials, and the installation of the hydro-seed. So depending on the size of the yard, your cost may be higher or lower. In general, the average cost of hydro-seeding in the United States is around $0.18 per square feet.

When we handle a hydro-seeding project, we can effectively estimate the cost. We of course aim to make it as cheap as possible, while still providing the best results.

Different Hydro-seed Options for Your Lawn or Yard

When it comes to helping your lawn, there are three choices that can help revitalize your lawn and they are sod, hydro-seed and grass seed. There are factors that lead to one of these choices being the best for your yard.


Of these three options, sod is typically the most expensive to both buy and install. Sod can be installed at any time of year and requires frequent watering and lawn care. Of the three, it is the fastest installation option and is practically instant.

A negative of sod is that it brings with it the possibility of disease issues and the grass having difficulty starting a good root system.

Grass Seed

Using grass seed is the cheapest option. And is honestly one so simple that you, the homeowner can do it. Grass seed is easy to install, since you simply lay it down and water it. But it is by far the slowest method and can take several months to grow properly. So if you need some grass sooner, this is not the option for you. Laying down grass seed is also the most time consuming in terms of effort and care and you need to protect it against winds and birds that can displace your seeds.


Lastly, we come to hydro-seeding. A process that is less expensive than sod and yields great results. Hydro-seeding, unlike the first two options, should always be left to the professionals. You need the right equipment in order to properly install the seed and get the best results. So, when it comes down to it, hydro-seeding is the best bang for your buck in terms of seeding your lawn. It is both affordable and efficient.

Hydroseeding vs Hydromulching