Land Terracing Services

Land terracing is a land management practice that involves land leveling and bunding in a stepwise fashion on hill slopes. It started as an indigenous practice to reduce land degradation and soil, water and nutrient losses in hilly and mountainous environments. However, it has progressed into a common practice for landscapers like us. We incorporate land terracing when we are building retaining walls or improving the front or back yard for homes. The end result is something that both looks beautiful when complete and beneficial to the yard as a whole.

Why Opt For Terrace Landscaping?

The biggest reason to opt for terrace landscaping is to prevent erosion. It can act as a barrier from land erosion and keep your property in good condition. It also provides for level planting spaces in sloped yards. So you can plant flowers, shrubs and trees safely. Terrace landscaping also reduces water runoff during heavy rains, which keeps your property safe from flooding.

If your property is slightly sloped, then we can build a shallow terrace to improve your yard and planting areas. When areas are hilly, land terracing can go a long way in improving the overall property. And the north shore of Long Island, especially Rocky Point, is full of hills. So terrace landscaping is a popular service request in the area. We can fix up your yard so you can start planting. And only that, but it is aesthetically pleasing to look at. We produce beautiful results that will increase the value of your home.

Benefits of Land Terracing

There are great benefits when you turn to our land terracing services. First, there is reduced water runoff, which means you will not have to irrigate plants as much after this installation. So, in the long run, terracing your property means you can save money on water and even fertilizer. Terraces also improve soil drainage and makes it easier for different plants to grow. From plants to vegetables to herbs, whatever you want to plant will have an easier time after our land terracing services. Lastly, trees with shallow root systems can also grow more safely on flat terraces than slopes. And then when there is a storm, the tree is less likely to fall over on the flat terrace than the hilly slope.

Professional Design

When you turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping, you get a professional design of the land terracing. We have years of experience building terraces and retaining walls for properties across Suffolk County, Long Island. But ultimately how the design looks is up to you, as well as the materials. It is common to use treated lumber for the terrace walls, since it lasts linger than untreated lumber. Other common materials you can choose to use to build these walls are masonry blocks or stones. However, those are heavier to move and require more work and time.

In order to professionally install the land terracing, we will need to calculate the dimensions of each terrace. How we do this is to measure the rise and run of the slope. Then you can decide how tall you want each terrace to be by dividing the height of the slope by the desired number of terraces. This impacts how many walls there are and thus impacts the selection of the material you want to use.

Professional Landscaping Services for Long Islanders

Long Island Elite Landscaping has years of experience working with the community. Get a land terracing estimate today to get the yard of your dreams started.

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Our professional team of landscapers will help you choose the best materials and design for you yard when it comes to land terracing. On top of the land terracing services we offer, our contractors can also be called upon to complete affordable retaining walls. For the most part, retaining walls and terraces for a home's yard go hand-in-hand. And we are proud to provide our professional landscaping services to many in Rocky Point and across Suffolk County, Long Island. Other local areas include Shoreham, Miller Place, Wading River and Sound Beach.