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We understand the desire to save money on any home project and do it yourself. Checking YouTube for how it's done. Going from supply shop to supply shop looking for affordable materials. And maybe you think you are up for the challenge after picking up some tools. However, the truth of the matter is that any contractor will have superior tools and trusted, high-quality supplies that will get the job done right. And leave the patio in a professional looking manner. Not to mention the long-term lifespan of the patio. When you turn to the pros, you will have a patio that looks great and holds up for years. Don't take the risk and leave this sort of project as a DIY endeavor.

When we start a job, we will discuss with you exactly what you want and sculpt it in your vision. From the tools and supplies we will use to the cost of the project. Nothing will be left as a surprise. And most importantly, when you turn to a pro team of contractors, you can guarantee that the work is top-notch. We have years of experience installing patios across Long Island. So our work speaks for itself.

Common Paving Tools

There are some common paving tools that every hardscaping and patio contractor uses for every project. These tools are vital to every project and ensure the job is completed to perfection. Below is a general list of tools that are required to complete any given patio paver project. Whether it is a concrete slab laid down on sand or natural stone laid down on cement, our tools will ensure the job is done right. Most homeowners do not have these tools at home, so it would be an expensive undertaking to purchase these tools to complete the project. So you may seem like you are saving money by doing it yourself, but when you add up the cost of the tools you will soon discover how expensive a home project is to complete.

new patio installationLet's take a look at these common tools for patio paving projects and their overall use for the project.

  • Pick: use to break up the ground and roots of bushes when you prepare the ground for the base material.
  • Cement mixer: mixes the mortar if laying on sand and cement.
  • Wooden rake: use to level the base material.
  • Metal rake: also use to level base material.
  • Angle grinder or consaw: use this for cutting the paving.
  • Block splitter: breaks cobbles into smaller pieces. Only used with a cobblelock. For slabs you must use a consaw or angle grinder.
  • Blade for paving stone: not all blades will cut any type of paving, so you need to select a specific blade for the given paving material.
  • Plate compactor: use this to compact the base before laying your paving.
  • Screeding bars: levels the sand before laying concrete slabs.
  • Rubber hammer: tap down the paving slabs into place since the rubber head makes sure the slab is not damaged.
  • Tape measure
  • String line
  • Shovel
  • Trowel
  • Level
  • Mallet
  • Builders marker
  • Sledgehammer
  • Claw Hammer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Sponges
  • Safety Boots
  • Dust Mask

Common Paving Materials

With the tools mentioned, now let's look at the common paving materials one will need for any patio installation. Of course, these materials are dependent on the type of project at hand. Here is a list of general materials many use on patio projects. There may be other materials not mentioned that may be used for other patio projects.

  • Cement
  • Paving sand
  • Silica Sand
  • Mortar Sand
  • Hardcore
  • Recessed manhole covers
  • Recessed AJ covers
  • Gully risers
  • Aco drains

Long Island Patio Installation Team

Long Island Elite Landscaping provides expert installation of hardscaping and patio projects for homeowners in both Suffolk County and Nassau County. Patio installation is something that we hear many want to accomplish as part of a DIY project. However, when stepping back for a second you will soon come to realize that patio installation is something best left to the pros. Our team of contractors can get the job done in an efficient and affordable manner.

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For more information about our hardscaping and patio installation services, please reach out to us today. When you call, we can provide you with more details regarding our hardscaping services. A home patio offers great benefits, especially when completed right. Get the best patio installation team on your side when you turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping. Leave this sort of work to the pros!