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Long Island Elite Landscaping does more than simply manicure your lawn. We also provide patio installation for homeowners across Long Island, New York. An outdoor patio is a great place for dining or recreation activities and adds some wonderful benefits to any home. Having a beautiful patio will improve your life in various ways, starting with the overall pleasant feelings having a patio creates when you have a beautiful spot to spend time with family and friends. And during those hot, Long Island summers, a patio is a great place to chill.

For more information about our Long Island patio installation services, please reach out to us today. You can request a quote for a new patio. And give us a call at 631-831-6022. When you call, we can go over the various ways a new patio can benefit your home. And we can discuss the potential ways in which our contracting team can install a new patio. All at a price that fits your budget. Choose from different types of patios, including concrete.

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Looking for more than a new patio for your Long Island home? We have you covered with more hardscaping services, such as the installation of driveways, walkways and retaining walls. Leave this job to the pros! And get the most for your money when you turn to Long Island Elite Landscaping. We know how to install it so you don't have to!

Benefits of a Patio for your Home

Installing a patio at your home opens up new possibilities. Let's take a look at the various benefits you will receive when we install a patio for your home.

Adds Value to Your Home

Having a patio will increase the value of your property. This is an important aspect for those who know they are going to sell their homes at some point. So you can view the installation of a patio as a short-term and long-term benefit. Short term because you can enjoy the patio while you still live in your home. But long term as well, since the patio makes the home more appealing to buyers. Selling a home on Long Island is difficult enough, but the installation of a patio makes your home more attractive to buyers and will increase the price of the home. Also adding to the value of the home are the materials you choose when you have it built. We can help you decide on a path for the best materials for your yard.

Improves Your Health

Your overall health and well-being are improved with the installation of a patio. Your new patio is a great place to sit and enjoy the sun and get some vitamin D, which promotes bone cell creation, strengthen the immune system, reduces depression and promotes weight loss. Just the act of being outside is helpful to your overall health. Being outside lowers stress levels, fights fatigue, and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Spend time on your patio outside with your flowers or water features and relax.

Extends the Home

A beautiful new patio not only looks great, but it can act as an extension for your living room or kitchen. So, you can transfer activities, like dining and relaxing, to the new patio. And is a great place for kids to play safely outside. And the maintenance costs for a patio are relatively low, especially depending on the materials you choose to build it with. Many patio materials are resistant to difficult weather conditions. And if you have a pool, patios act as a great addition to that area.

Entertain Friends & Family

When you are able to extend your home and add to your living space, then you have more space to entertain friends and family. Set up an outdoor kitchen and BBQ for your friends and family. An ideal place to hang outside. There is just a different feeling to a party when it can go outside on someone's patio. The fresh air adds a lot to the festivities. And a large patio is the perfect place to let children and pets play safely, while being able to easily watch them.

A Personalized Touch

Lastly, the addition of a patio for your home can add a personalized touch. Houses on Long Island are built fast and many are similar to others in a neighborhood. However, with the addition of a patio, you add a personalized touch to the home. Your new patio can reflect your personality by designing and decorating it to your sensibilities and tastes.