The Cost of Retaining Walls

Long Island Elite Landscaping offers the construction of retaining walls at a cost that will suit your budget! When it comes to the installation of retaining walls, many homeowners love smaller, more decorative walls. This is due in part to the fact that the larger ones are seen as more of a daunting task. However, retaining walls big or small can be expertly installed onto your property with our team of contractors. We have over 40 years of experience in the field, as well as a background in engineering. Long Island Elite can design and install a larger retaining wall for your property with all the beauty and ingenuity that you could imagine. 

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The Purpose of a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls serve many purposes. They protect areas of the property from sliding soil and help hold a foundation in place. They add surface area to property boundaries. Or they simply preserve the ground that already exists. Retaining walls are often one of the most visible elements of a home’s landscape. So, most homeowners want them to be both functional and beautiful.

Materials Used

To help make matters easier several types of materials are available for use during construction. This allows the cost of the retaining walls to be manageable for any type of budget. Here is a rundown of the materials used during construction: cinder block, poured concrete, wood timber, stone veneer, boulder/rock, gabion, brick, corten steel/metal, earth/chalk. Each of these materials affects the cost of the construction of the retaining walls. However, the contractors at Long Island Elite Landscaping will work with you to make sure the project fits your budget.

Ultimately, the customer has the most control during the selection of materials. While it is important to have a beautiful retaining wall, it is equally important to mull over its function. What we mean is, using wood for the structure may not be optimal if extreme moisture is a factor. Termites and wood rot may sharply decrease the lifespan of the wall. With our assistance, we will help you choose the best materials for the task. Weighing its function with its aesthetics. And making sure the wall has a long lifespan.